weekend recap:

Too short as always, our weekend has come to an end. I’m beginning to treat our days as one fabulous mini-vacation at a time. It’s much more exciting that way! Like a vacation where we sometimes invite our friends or encounter people we really don’t want to…

Saturday was all about the outdoors, honey lattes, and new burnt henna Vans. Leif has dipped his toes into the hipster life and I think he might be taking up permanent residence. Flannel and fitted jeans have become his new steez.

NOTE: compliment his new shoes. Before he makes you.

The night was spent with Eric and AJ at a darling European bistro called Allium (known more for their drinks than their small plates, but that is nothing to complain about). I would recommend everything. Literally. Order everything plus a few drinks and your night is set. We decided that we might take up residence in it’s bay windows made of twinkle lights and asymmetrical stars. Needless to say, it was dreamy and I’ll be going back.

Finally, Leif and I were able to celebrate Saint Valentine’s together! It was quiet and colorful and I loved it.

For her:

For him:

I’ve already almost finished kate spade’s Guide to Living Colorfully! It’s the most perfect collection of books I’ve ever encountered. Yes. Yes it is. And Leif now has his very own set of whiskey rocks. If I ever own a bar (?) I’ll make sure to serve every glass of whiskey or scotch with their very own whiskey stones. It’s just better that way.

Vacation over. Back to business. Happy Sunday, everyone! 

(Allium image)


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