Sally featured on College Lifestyles blog

Well, well. We’ve got a trendsetter on our hands.

The lovely Sally Rose just got her very own feature on courtesy of our mutual and wonderful friend, Cassie Mcaloon – one of Chicago’s best Marquette transplants to date.

A quick preview is below – click HERE to read the rest.

Me: How do you make your style stick out on Marquette’s campus?

Sally: I put my own twist on the typical Marquette preppy look.  I’d call my style “funky classic.”  I buy a lot of basic pieces in classic colors and mix it up with funky and unique pieces and accessories.

Me: What are your favorite places to shop in Milwaukee?

Marquette trendsetter Sally Nadeau. Picture courtesy of AJ Trela Photography.

Sally: I absolutely love the Third Ward.  There’s this great Asian themed store that sells all sorts of furniture and knickknacks.  It’s a great place to look for inexpensive gifts, and it’s attached to a tea house.  I also love Hot Pop in the Third Ward.  The store’s a mix between a clothing shop and a modern art gallery.  They have a lot of great standout pieces for any outfit.  And of course I love the Urban Outfitters in Milwaukee.  They have the best sale section of any Urban Outfitters I’ve ever been in!

– Leifster

  1. etau said:

    Is the picture of Sally by any chance taken in the Sovereign Apartments?

      • etau said:

        Yep! My junior and senior years. Apartment 801 🙂

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